11 June 2008

One of cricket's not so enjoyable days

We're all stupid enough to love this frustrating game even when we're being carted all over the park or getting fingered as badly as one of my players was in the pub match I revealed I was going to captain (we won, thanks for asking).
But another member of my team ( a regular club player) was, I felt, entirely justified in taking the opposite view. One of the oppo's two 'proper' players middled a slog sweep and my man misjudged it just sufficiently to receive a broken collar bone from the impact. I was hiding myself at mid on and the noise alone was dramatic.
What really put the lid on it is that he's now unable to drive for 6 weeks and he'd only got his licence back the previous day.
Poor s*d.


Ed said...

what position was he fielding? Short-leg???

In my first mid-week practice for many years on Tuesday (1st round of the Cricketer Cup on Sunday), we were in the nets while a corporate game was going on at Brondesbury CC (home of the likes of Dermot Reeve and where Gatting junior plays I gather). Standard was obviously mixed from pretty good to not so good. One bowler accidentally bowled a beamer which went straight into the batsman's face. Anger and gesturing ensued from the batsman but we couldn't see how bad the injury was (bad enough to go off though).

Unfortunately that's the nature of the game - sometimes there are injuries (although clearly the batsman could have prevented his by wearing a helmet). Fingers crossed your collar bone victim gets back to cricket (and driving) soon.....

Ed said...

looking at it positively, he can drink as much as he wants for the next 6 weeks! Although not so much he falls over on to his collar bone hopefully...!

Mark Davis said...

He was at mid-wicket about 30 yards from the bat!
I'm sure he'll be on a pitch sooner than he should be and his drinking will certainly not be impaired!