6 June 2008

What would you have done ?

Last night a 20 over game began with an inexperienced umpire at the bowler's end and me at Mid On. Prior to the umpire's arrival the bowler had left his cap and spectacles hanging from the stumps and there they remained.

Would you be polite and bring the umpires attention to them or just leave them there and wonder how long they'd stay there for (minor) comic effect?

Sadly I chose the polite route after one ball.

Presumably if I'd left them there and they'd been hit that would have been a 5 run penalty so probably the best thing to do but you can't help wondering how long they would have remained in situ if I hadn't intervened.

1 comment:

GROV said...

The fielder should definitely help the umpire although it might bring into question the ability of the umpire to judge what is happening at the strikers end if he could not see as far as the stumps in front of him!

You are correct that there would be a penalty of 5 runs to the batting side if the cap was hit and that you would not be popular with your team if you admitted that you had seen it.