3 June 2008

Six wrong decisions in a day

I know, I know - I'm always banging on about wrong decisions changing match results. But this time it isn't me - it's the well respected voice of Tony Cozier following 6 wrong decisions in one day in the West Indies v Australia 2nd Test in an article entitled "A strong case for technology". Eventually I will get round to adding them to the enormous Cricket Burble list of wrong umpiring decisions which is nearing the century mark now, but they aren't there yet, and the wronguns from the England v New Zealand series still need to be added too.

Although the article on Cricinfo stangely starts mid-way through a point he's making(!), he sums up by saying "In six hours, the case for the use of technology had been appreciably advanced." As I've argued before, if a business leader was to wait until events forced him/her into making a change, they'd be considered a failure and would be sacked. The cricketing authorities and the ICC member countries need to consider that carefully and try to get ahead of the game in terms of use of technology, not wait until events force them into action.

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