5 June 2008

Magic underpants?

According to Cricinfo, the New Zealand cricketers have been wearing special underpants in order to give themselves the edge against England. The high-tech Baselayer IonX underpants purport to deliver "ionic energy to the body through a negatively charged electromagnetic field."

Perhaps this revolutionary sartorial breakthrough heralds the eventual downfall of the humble jockstrap, though Cricket Burble is personally not too keen on the idea of a "negatively charged electromagnetic field" within its underpants.


Ed said...

were there any adidas pants on show at the England kit launch you went to Mavis? If not, I'm sure they'll be on the case!

Peter Lamb said...

Too much information, I think!

Mark Davis said...

Last night one of my teammate did produce a pair of team underpants. Apparently a former captain had issued a new pair to each player with the team name written across the front in indelible ink.
Something to do with bonding I think.