5 June 2008

Don't they float?

Interesting conversation on TMS this morning. Vic Marks admitted to being used when his Somerset team mates wanted a ball change. The idea being that he'd toss some pies up so that the ball was lost or further damaged when crashing into stands or buildings.

He also said that divers were placed on standby when he bowled at Taunton which had a river or pond nearby (actually he was a much better bowler than all this). But my memory of playing at Broxbourne, where there is a river alongside the ground, is that cricket balls float, as you'd expect with all that cork in them.

Does anybody know whether I'm right or do I have to sacrifice one on an experiment in my kitchen ?


Anonymous said...

They float, I used to play next to a river. If a ball was hit into it a dog was usually sent in to fetch it.

Andrew said...

I have witnessed a certain slow left armer that a number of those who post here are familiar with being deposited into a canal 3-4 times during one away game, and each time the ball floated and was fished out by by myself with the help of various passing fishermen and canoeists.