23 June 2008

A Cricket Burble century

I'm sure that Cricket Burbler Dave McCabe would be far too shy to publicise his hundred on the weekend so I will. You can see the scorecard here - Dave played the key innings in taking our side to victory on Saturday.

Shot of the day (and one of the best I've ever seen from a cricketing team mate) was played when the rate required had gone up to well over one a ball. He eyed up the gap at mid-wicket and walked a pace down the wicket and over to the off side just as the bowler was in his delivery stride so that he could then pick up a ball from off stump for 6 over the gap at mid-wicket off his legs. Perfect.

Less than perfect was the wink he gave me after hitting a four at one point when I was batting at the other end. It had a very strong resemblence to Lee McQueen's wink in the semi-finals of the Apprentice, for those that watched the show. Great hundred, not sure about the wink!

1 comment:

David said...

Thanks for the praise! Maybe I'll ditch the wink and go back to good old glove-touching then...except when I'm batting with you of course!