3 June 2008

Stuart MacGill retires

Aussie wrist-spinner Stuart MacGill has announced his retirement from internationals after an underwhelming start to the West Indies tour. The news will presumably reopen speculation (see Ed's previous burble) of a rather unlikely Warne comeback, though the spinning legend (Warne, that is, rather than Ed) has recently played down talk of coming out of retirement for the 2009 Ashes.

It looks like the reality will be that the Aussies will now have to blood one of their promising youngsters a couple of years earlier than they might have wished. Gone are the days when
players had to serve a decade of domestic cricket apprenticeship (a la Darren Lehmann or Mike Hussey).

Does anyone know anything about the young spinning Padawans who are next in line?! Beau Casson is the remaining spinner in the squad, but Dan Cullen and Bryce McGain are also names mentioned. Or maybe burblers Ed or Mark have an Aussie passport...?


Ed said...

It seems that Ponting wants Casson in for the next Test.

Aussie Dave said...

I must say I was surprised that MacGill retired mid-series as it basically forces Australia to play Beau Casson and the fact is he is not a test class spinner. I guess it really doesn't make that much difference because even if he left it till after the series, the fact is we just don't have a test class spinner to come in.
Here's my take in the possible replacements.
Beau Casson had a reasonable first class season. I think he's still quite young but he's been around the first class scene for a good four or five seasons and until last season was unable to cement a permanent place with WA or NSW. He's useful with the bat which will work to his advantage.
Bryce McGain is mid thirties so not a long term option. Did have a good season for Victoria last year, but like Casson this was the first season in which he was a regular. If I was a selector, he would be my choice. I think the extra experience would stand him in good stead.
To be honest I'm not sure what people see in Dan Cullen. The only thing he has going for him is youth. He may well improve with age, but at the moment he does'nt have the guile.
I was a big fan of Cullen Bailey two years ago, but he seems to have fallen of the radar. He only got a few games for SA last season despite holding a Cricket Australia contract.
This a real problem for Australian Cricket post Shane Warne. I think CA should do whatever it takes to get Warney as a full time spin bowling coach working with as many first class spinners as possible. The cupboard is bare at the moment and something must be done to bring this generation up to international standard.
And don't worry, there will be no Warne come back no matter how dire things get. Media beat up.

Ed said...

What about using Michael Clarke as a front line left-arm spinner? He seems to do alright whenever given the chance, and given that the cupboard is bare.....