20 June 2008

Something else that had never occurred to me

We turned up last night to play a Twenty20 game at Merchant Taylors' school to find Middlesex and Warwickshire second XI players packing up at the end of a three day game and obviously I tried to recruit one of the players whom I know from hockey. Equally obviously he politely declined.

We had no problems with using a three day old pitch for a thrash(ing) but what I was surprised to note as I began my umpiring stint was that in addition to the various bowlers' foot marks and batsmans' mark-carvings in the surface the umpires at each bowler's ends had clearly stood in exactly the same spots as there were precise boot-shaped and sized marks in the grass made by them too.

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GROV said...

One of the things that you are taught on umpiring courses is to stand in a position where you can judge no balls and what is going on at the striker's end by moving your eyes and not your head. I find the best position to do this is about eight feet back and most of my colleagues do the same. With a very quick bowler there is little enough time and this makes the job easier.