17 June 2007

Cricket Burble lists updated

I've updated the Cricket Burble lists which are always available if you click on the links to the right of the page. Interestingly, Chanderpaul's "real" average is less than 50, despite an official average of 120 after the first 3 Tests of the summer. The difference between his real and official averages is likely to increase even further after his not out century in the first innings at Chester-le-Street having been dropped on 9. So while he is batting well, he is also capitalising on large slices of luck. You can view the list of "real" averages here.

The 3rd Test featured just one decision that technology proved was wrong. There were several LBW appeals turned down where the ball was just clipping the stumps but, as explained on the "wrong" decisions page, decisions are only considered "wrong" where there is a large degree of certainty. You can view the list of "wrong" decisions since the 2007 World Cup here. The main question to be answered is "would England still have won at Old Trafford if Cook had been given out on 12 as he should have been in the 2nd innings, when he went on to make 106?" As they say, "you decide".

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