30 June 2007

Cricketing celebrations

There are some cricketing celebrations that you think of when it comes to cricket. Ian Botham doing some strange hip swaying holding a stump above his head on the player's balcony is probably the one that comes to mind immediately, plus Freddie Flintoff taking his shirt off and whirling it around, football player style, after taking a wicket with the final ball of an ODI in India a few years ago, to win England the match.

But poor old Owais Shah really needs to work on his celebration. Did anyone notice him after England's win yesterday? As the ball ran away to the boundary for 4 wides he ran up to the other end and did a tiny little half skip, tentatively pushing his bat skywards, as if he was trying a new move for the first time but suddenly realised he shouldn't as there were loads of people watching. As if that wasn't bad enough, he seemed to have a sudden realisation that another run may be required so he put his bat down and turned for a second (unnecessary) run. There must be a few celebrations on YouTube Owais - I'd do a bit of research, and perhaps even a little private practise before your next game....!

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