30 June 2007

Tendulkar answers critics

I always enjoy watching players who have been unfairly criticised in the press come back with a big performance. Michael Vaughan earlier this summer was one of them, and Tendulkar is another. I burbled about why I didn't agree with some of the negative comments aimed at Tendulkar earlier this week ("Tendulkar criticised"). I also suggested that Dravid move to 3 which is what happened - perhaps Rahul Dravid reads Cricket Burble?

In the latest match against South Africa, Tendulkar passed 15,000 runs. But more importantly, he helped win the game for India, scoring 93 at the fastest strike rate of any Indian batsman in the match. You can view the scorecard here.

I trust the same commentators who were so quick to give Tendulkar a hard time for scoring 99 - yes 99!!! - the other day, will also give him the praise he clearly deserves for his latest innings....

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