18 June 2007

Vaughan wants to play on...

It has happened and Vaughan has announced he is stepping down from the captaincy of the England ODI team. But why, oh why, would he carry on as a player - I presumed that he was stepping down because he felt (wrongly in my view given the number of runs he gains England through his captaincy) that he wasn't worth his place in the side, but it appears he is now saying that he wants to give someone else experience of captaincy and continue to make himself available. This doesn't ring true - the best way that someone can learn is to watch him in action and be made his official vice-captain.

Vaughan's comments can be read in the Cricinfo article here. Although Paul Collingwood hasn't yet been named as captain, congratulations to him in advance - there is really only one candidate in Vaughan's absence. The full England ODI squad will be announced on Friday.

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