19 June 2007

"Disasterous" World Cup?

I've just heard on the BBC Sports News that Michael Vaughan has stepped down from the captaincy of the ODI side following "a disasterous World Cup". Read more about him stepping down here.

I must have been watching a different World Cup. We were ranked 7th in the world going into it and came 5th. India and Pakistan had disasterous World Cups - England didn't. I was out of the country when England won the Commonwealth Bank final against Australia through one good victory and another chance one when the game was reduced due to rain, so all I can assume is that the media built up the chances of the England team at the World Cup following that win to such an extent that the general public thought we would magically out-perform our ODI ranking by more than 2 places? Or maybe the media is now telling us it was a "disasterous" performance, and we're all beginning to think it was?

To be positive, if the England Test team move up just one place in the rankings we're top!

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