7 June 2007

Vaughan and Flintoff

I don't understand the latest story about what Vaughan said. I read the interview and it seemed to me he was blaming 3 things for the change in attitude in the World Cup from what had been a positive one when they arrived - Fredalo, himself and Duncan Fletcher. Who cares whether he called it "Fredalo" or "the pedalo incident involving Freddie Flintoff"? The meaning is the same and if Flintoff reads the Guardian interview in full I don't think he'll have any issues.

What I don't understand is why Vaughan is saying that he didn't use the word "Fredalo" when he did - the guardian's own tape contradicts that. What would have been a sensible and perfectly reasonable objection to the media coverage would have been to ask why they tried to single out one part of the interview and create a headline where there wasn't really one. Why he feels he shouldn't have used the word "Fredalo" is beyond me - it's an irrelevancy.

Let's hope the players can all get back to playing cricket....and as well as they did at Headingley.

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