22 June 2007

An Indian fans' view

I think it's probably fair to say that Cricket Burble hasn't exactly been a supporter of the various actions of the BCCI recently. You can read the last post about the BCCI here.

Indian cricket fans aren't backward in coming forward if they aren't happy, particularly online. One particular fan has given a few examples of where the BCCI have gone wrong on Sportingo.

I particularly agree with one of his points - the fact that there are some obvious wrong choices for contracts - but also disagree with him about the vice-captain. The vice-captain needs to be able to step in if Dravid is injured on this tour so there's no point having a young cricketer who may be captain in 4 or 5 years time as captain - the vice-captain has to be someone who has the respect of the rest of the team as of now.

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