4 June 2007

Pakistan board get tough

Interesting to see the Pakistan board's stance on players talking to the media recently. A board official was quoted as saying "The days of the players enjoying freedom to enter into deals with the media outlets are gone. So are the days of players ignoring the clauses of their central contracts."

In theory the potential penalty for talking to the press without prior permission is match bans but presumably all that will happen is that stories won't be attributed to the particular player who has spoken to the media....which was exactly what happened when this news came out!!

"We have been told that if we violate this new ruling we can be banned for a number of matches. But, the ban would be for how many matches they have not told us as yet. Obviously the players are not happy with the new restrictions which have come into effect more strictly after the World Cup," the player said on condition of anonymity.

"But, the ban would be for how many matches they have not told us as yet." - you don't have to be Miss Marple to work out that the player in question isn't totally fluent in English....I wonder how many that narrows the contenders to. The Pakistan board might just need Miss Marple, as England did on their tour of Australia when their team tactics were leaked....

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