9 June 2007

No love for Virgin

A quick rant. I am currently sitting in an internet cafe typing this as Virgin's broadband service has let me down. It hasn't worked since Thursday afternoon which is why there was no post to Cricket Burble in that time - my apologies for the silence.

This isn't the first time I've had to ring Virgin's helpline and even when the engineer turns up on Tuesday to fix it, I am pretty confident I will soon be back on the phone to tell them about another problem. So imagine how I felt when I was told in the recorded message you get when you ring with a problem that from 1st July calls will cost 25p per minute from a Virgin landline and 10p to connect (as opposed to the current free "service"). So the more incompetent they are the more money they make! I should really provide them with the receipt for the internet cafe and ask them to pay it I reckon...

So apologies if there is a bit of intermittent nature to posts on Cricket Burble over the next few days - it's down to Virgin I'm afraid.