28 June 2007

No Panesar, no win

It seems slightly strange that England's best bowler during the recent Test series was left out of the Twenty20 at the Oval, despite the recent history of spinners bowling well there. In fact, Panesar got nearly 50% more wickets in the recent series than any other bowler. So how Collingwood must be regretting the fact that he didn't have Panesar at his disposal.

I hope that Collingwood will be a very astute captain and, if he is, I'm sure he'll learn to assert his opinion on selection quickly. Panesar can be relatively expensive in limited overs occasionally but, more often that not, he takes wickets. England, it seems, are still to understand that taking wickets, in any form of the game, means a much larger chance of winning.

I look forward to seeing Panesar in action tomorrow with Yardy. (And, given the poor quality of my predictions, going for 60 off 4!)

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