24 June 2007

Twenty20 starts & mexican waves

I wonder how many people, like me, arrived during the second innings of Twenty20 matches they went to after work. It's pretty tough to get anywhere by 5:30pm. Next Friday I'm off to the Rosebowl after work (central London) for a 7:30pm start - fingers crossed I can make that! Twenty20 has drawn in a new audience to cricket so as long as they can get to the games on time, I guess that's the main thing as long as this new interest is sustained.

Am I a complete killjoy or do Mexican waves just stop people who want to watch the game from watching it? When I've only got 10 overs of cricket to watch I would like to see every ball....not have someone in front of me stand up just as the bowler enters his delivery stride.

Last year I was involved in organising a league team for Saturday's so I was on the phone to various players trying to get them to turn out. The couple in front of me turned round and told me to get off my phone as it was spoiling their enjoyment of the game. Not wanting to cause a scene a reverted to text messages, despite the fact that I was perfectly entitled to use the phone, only for the couple in question to take part in the mexican wave many times so that I couldn't see the cricket. Being the mild mannered man I am (most of the time!) I bit my lip, but I find it interesting that people who take part in mexican waves aren't in the least bit bothered about those behind them....

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