25 May 2007


The dreaded cramp seems to have returned again in Bangladesh - this time it's Dinesh Karthik. Having been put in to bat India are cruising along without having lost a wicket but Bangladesh have dropped two relatively simple chances. Jaffer looks set to get his hundred any minute, but Karthik was carried off, causing the players to take an early tea, and didn't return afterwards.

In the first ODI Dhoni used a runner because of cramps, in the second Ghambir, and now this. Having just returned from India I know it's pretty hot out that way at the moment, but surely the Indian's can look at their pre-match diet and nutrient intake? In these days of specialists covering everything that could determine performance, it seems more than fluke or bad luck that so many players have been affected by cramp, and India need to look at this part of their match preparation it would seem.


Anonymous said...

I actually believe that runners should not be allowed in the case of cramps, and if a batsman retires hurt with cramp, he should not be allowed to resume his innings. My reasoning here is that cramps are a fitness issue rather than an injury per se. In my view its the equivalent of calling for a runner because your buggered

Ed said...

Valid point....I think I agree. Until it disadvantages England somehow of course!!