22 May 2007


There's a lot of criticism around for the Bangladesh Board as they decided to schedule a Test Series during the monsoon season there. It does seem like common sense that the series against India would have been better placed in the dry season but it's not anything to get too het up about.

With the draw already favourite overnight, Paul Allott and John Emburey have just been trying to convince themselves on Sky that there could still be a result despite a rescheduled start of 2pm on the final day and India requiring 12 wickets, not to mention the fact that they'll have to get some quick runs having finished of the Bangladesh 1st innings!

It will be a boring draw like England v West Indies and if games are to be played at times of the season that used to be considered unsuitable, we'd better get used to this as spectators - especially given the prevailing attitude from the umpires where they consider slightly imperfect light to be dangerous.

I can only see two possible solutions:
1. Using a 6th day if necessary much like some ODIs have a spare day that can be used if weather intervenes
2. In a decade or two we could see cricket stadiums with roofs that can come over in the case of bad weather - I don't like that idea much given how much the atmosphere changes how much the ball swings etc so a 6th spare day it is!

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