23 May 2007

Ginger England Cricketers

The selection of Ryan Sidebottom in the England squad started me thinking about gingers who played cricket for England. So far I have a very short list - there must be plenty of others!

Sidebottom R
Sidebottom A


Anonymous said...

Note sure Flintoff is ginger, but Ian Bell and Peter Martin are.

Ed said...

Didn't he used to be ginger, Flintoff? Ian Bell doesn't look ginge to me...ugly yes, but ginger no?! Peter Martin - good shout!

Anonymous said...

I think Collingwood may qualify... and Gareth Batty?

And Flintoff was a blonde growing up...

Ed said...

I'm going to give up on Flintoff - clearly he's not ginge at all and never has been!!

Collingwood does indeed look very ginge in the pic on his Cricinfo profile, and Batty is another good shout...

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