24 May 2007

Richie Benaud

While I was away I stumbled across a copy of "On Reflection" by Richie Benaud in an Indian bookshop, published in 1984. It was a facinating read - apparently new balls were once allowed after only 40 overs! - and I liked the story he related when explaining how it was important it was for the media to maintain respect for those they wrote about.

"You certainly do have to be careful when writing, broadcasting on radio, or commentating on television, that you do no offend, either by accident or design. The splendid writer Alan Ross managed one day to get into his copy that Bob Cunis had spent part of the previous day purveying bowling much like his name..."neither one thing nor the other"."

You can still get hold of On Reflection via Amazon by clicking the link to the right of this page.

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