27 May 2007

You get LBWs if you bowl straight

Turns out that bowling straight gets you LBWs as it seems Sidebottom proved yesterday. Didn't see any of it because I was playing myself...in a dire game which involved no less than 5 farcical decisions (that's conservative). I won't go on about it because we lost, but when we win and there are some shocking decisions you will - bet you can't wait! In the league we play in you score the umpires as skipper...I was always nicer if we'd lost because I knew that a poor mark would be interpreted as being a sore loser, but when we won and there were some shockers then I was able to be more honest. I guess if you want good umpires you have to be better at cricket and play at a higher standard - one week I was told that a score of 0 wasn't allowed - 1 was the lowest score you could give! Sometimes I wonder if the amateur umpires at our level actually have their eyes open...ok, maybe I did go on about it having said I wouldn't...sorry!

Moving on, good that KP kicked on to his double ton - we can now forgive him for his show pony antics when Vaughan scored his hundred. Interesting that Plunkett opened the bowling in the second innings....I wonder if that was a Moores, Vaughan or Harmison decision?

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Peter Lamb said...

Having read your captain's match report on your Saturday game it certainly appears that the umpiring left something to be desired. However, you can't be given out lbw if the ball doesn't hit your pads, try using the bat!! Also, even poor umpires are less likely to give you out lbw if you're playing straight rather than aiming towards mid-wicket with a cross bat.