12 May 2007

India go 2-0 up

Not too much to report from today's game. You can view the Cricinfo scorecard here.

India got what wasn't much more than a par score on a decent wicket, 284 in a game reduced to 49 overs each, but still beat Bangladesh by 46 runs. Gautam Ghambir was the hero, scoring 101 while, like Dhoni two days ago, batting with a runner for part of his innings due to cramp. Fortunately this time, there were no wrong umpiring decisions that changed the result of the game.

The spinners Chowla (10-0-37-3) and Powar (10-1-32-1) put the squeeze on Bangladesh's reply which never really got going, right from the opening wicket where Iqbal ran like a schoolboy as he'd middled it to mid-off. He was rightly sent back and run out comfortably. Habibal Bashar top scored with 43 which says it all - there wasn't a decent partnership to help Bangladesh get close. The Indian leg-spinner, Chowla, at just 18, looks like one to watch for the future. Once he bowled over the wicket rather than his inexplicable decision to start round-the-wicket, he looked a threat at all times and the Bangladeshis didn't pick his googly very well.

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