16 May 2007

Off to the cricket tomorrow...

I hope it warms up a bit....

Good to see that England cricketers still have the ability to get injuries in strange ways, given that Harmison got hurt playing a slapping game. At least he was with the team at the time - I seem to remember Daffy Defreitas missing a test abroad a while back after pulling something slipping coming out of the shower.

Of course there will be those wondering why England were playing a slapping game anyway. I've got to say that as a player I am always completely bored when training unless it is a new exercise or something that really stretches my skill levels, and most training at amateur level does neither. So I don't have any criticism of trying new things within the coaching of elite players - if you have to train every day it really must get deathly boring.

Anyway, come on the sun for tomorrow, and come on England!

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