9 May 2007

Even better bats

Bowlers could be forgiven for thinking about throwing in the towel. Grounds seem to be getting smaller and bats have been improving at a staggering rate according to the Australian Andrew Symonds, who told Ian Chappell that bats have improved hugely in the last 5 years. But that comment came before the latest advance, called the "Smart Cricket Bat" that was announced today in Australia.

The bat is designed to reduce vibrations when shots are played and uses "active vibration control" which is already used in baseball bats and tennis racquets. The handle of the new bat apparently converts shock waves into heat and dampens the vibrations by generating waves in the opposite direction.

But English bowlers just starting their season don't need to worry for a bit - the smart cricket bats aren't expected to be available for 18 months - and club cricketers may never need to worry as they will cost more than even the most expensive bats currently available so the bats will be a rare site in club cricket.

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