18 May 2007

Great to be back at Lords

Having got back to the country only 2 days ago, it was great to be back at Lords immediately! But such a pity that the day was marred by weather. The bad light issue is one that I'll no doubt burble about as soon as I get time.

Hopefully I'll be able to put up the odd photo too, although I'm not certain it's allowed to publish pics of Lords on a blog - trying to find out what is allowed and what isn't.

Speaking of things that are allowed or aren't there were the usual slightly annoying issues yesterday....I didn't want to keep going up and down to the bar as I wanted to watch the cricket so I bought 4 cans of John Smiths....only to find that the bar staff have to open them all on the spot. They can't allow you to open them when you want to. Of course the guy by our seats wanted to see my ticket, so I had to ask him to rumage through my pockets to get my ticket out as I was carrying 4 beers and had no hands free - is that really necessary? At 5:30ish I wanted to get another beer, only to find the bar was shut. Only little niggles, but I can't believe there aren't easier ways of doing things....

So I'll be burbling for Britain on this and England's performance some time soon. Until then, I'm off to Lords again today!

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