4 May 2007

Want to hear something funny?

I was reading the Deccan Herald newspaper on Tuesday (as I'm in India at the moment) and they had a column in which the journalist demanded that the ICC investigate who killed Bob Woolmer themselves. Did that make you laugh? I can't remember the last time a newspaper article made me laugh out loud but that did! Yes, good idea Deccan Herald, why don't we all try something we're completely untrained for. The police have been trained for this situation and they have experience of this type of situation. I don't think the ICC's experience of cricket administration will come in very handy in a murder hunt.

So here's an idea. Why don't we leave the police to do their job (with the full support as necessary of the ICC) and leave the cricket administrators to do their job. They certainly have a lot to deal with at the moment so let the ICC get on with that rather than spreading their resources into an area they have no understanding of.

But do print more articles like that Deccan Herald - I can always do with a laugh.

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