22 May 2007

Misdirected bowling

Steve Harmison and Liam Plunkett seemed to have all sorts of problems at Lords in finding a decent line, but in the India game yesterday Ramesh Powar went one better and managed to get the ball to go to mid-off despite completing a full rotation of his arm - that was pretty special I thought.

What is it about the bowling these days? Comparatively the standard of batting in Test Cricket seems so much higher than the bowling and with McGrath and Warne gone things will only get worse in the bowling department. I wonder how these things come about....will we find the bowlers on top of the batsmen in a decade and sides bowled out for 120 all the time?

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Peter Lamb said...

Surely the general deterioration in the standard of bowling is brought about by the increasing amount of limited over cricket: in one day games wickets are not of much importance, and in the dreadful twenty-twenty nonsense they are of no importance at all. Thus it doesn't much matter who bowls, nor what the standard of the bowling is.