30 May 2007

Flintoff faces ankle surgery again

But don't panic England fans...it's only investigative surgery and he's still targeting the 1st Test against India on 19th June to play again.

It's not that surprising that he's having problems given his physique and bowling style - reportedly he took several injections to enable him to play during England's over-congested winter schedule. But while Moores will undoubtedly want his star bowler back as soon as possible, he now has at least one more game to look at the likes of Strauss, Bell and, much though it pains me to say it as I would pick him, Collingwood, with a view to dropping one of them when Flintoff returns, assuming that Prior's batting continues to excel. Ideally, Moores may well want to bat Prior at 6 and Flintoff at 7 so that he pick 5 bowlers but for now that decision can be put off.

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Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong with our medical staff if they can't sort out the injury. Surely its time they did something more radical than the quick fixes they appear to be doing which lead to the injury problems returning.