9 May 2007

Sanity prevails...

Fortunately sanity has prevailed when it comes to "Gilchrist-gate". Perhaps some Sri Lankans are a bit embarrassed by what their Secretary has said - it certainly seemed that way when Muttiah Muralitharan was asked what he thought about the Secretary's remarks, “This is his personal opinion, the team doesn’t think that,” Muralitharan said.

Australian officials have rightly joked about the situation. “It’s a storm in a teacup, or a batting glove,” Australian spokesman Peter Young told the Australian Associated Press. “It’s been suggested that if shoving a squash ball into your bottom glove makes you bat like Adam Gilchrist then perhaps the ICC should make it compulsory.”

If you are interested to see the statement from the MCC Laws Sub-Committee, you can view it here.

Sri Lankan secretary Kangadaran Mathivanan questioned if Gilchrist's actions had been within the spirit of cricket, so to read about the spirit of cricket, the text which comes before the laws, you can view it here.

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