20 May 2007

Runako Morton

This guy is quality - Runako Morton threw himself to the ground, thumping the floor and rolling around is complete dispair when his team mate Ganga dropped Collingwood on Day 1 at Lords. It takes someone with real lack of concern for his team mates confidence to do that, or someone who is absolutely desperate to win - you can decide which category you think Mr Morton fits into.

It turns out that Runako is a character off the pitch too. Before he even played international cricket he found himself expelled from the West Indian academy for "a series of regulation breaches" according to Cricinfo, but he still managed to come back to make his debut in 2002. But later that year he was back to his old tricks pulling out of the ICC Champions Trophy due to the death of his grandmother. At least that is what he claimed - it turned out that she died several years earlier.

He then followed that up with arriving at a hospital with stabbing wounds along with another member of his family who had even more stab wounds in January 2004 and he was subsequently arrested.

This guy is a character as some might say, but I still don't think rolling around on the floor in dismay when your mate drops a catch is quite the way to go....apart from anything else my cleaning bills and those of my team mates would rocket if we did that!

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