12 May 2007

Indian Press

Interesting the reaction of the Indian press to their win against Bangladesh a couple of days ago. "Dhoni wins it on one leg" seemed to be the sort of headlines that came out, as Dhoni ended up on 91 not out despite batting with a runner for most of his innings due to cramp. But the Times of India went further, blaming Abdur Razzaq of Bangladesh for their defeat given that he fumbled the ball when Karthik would have been run out almost as soon as he came to the wicket. As it was he made a half century undefeated and won the game for India with Dhoni.

But Dhoni was as plumb as plumb can be with very few runs to his name and not given out by umpire Asoka de Silva which changed the game. And the bowler? One Abdur Razzaq, the guy that according to the Times of India cost Bangladesh the game. He must be cursing his luck....

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